For many of us, our ambition for our money is simple – to make the most of it. Working with an investment manager who can make the day-to-day investment decisions in your interest is one part of that. But being able to trust that you are in the right hands is about more than technical skill – it is also about personal understanding.


We begin by understanding your ambitions, your attitude to risk and your time horizon. Based on these factors, we will then invest your money across a selection of assets that enable you to balance risk and return in a sophisticated way. We are always available in person, over the phone or by email and we will regularly review your plans to help keep you on track.


When you work with an investment manager, you want to know that they are thinking ahead, on your behalf. You expect them to provide advice on specific investments and technical issues. But you also want them to help guide you to make the right decisions at the right time. We can help you to have these important conversations with those closest to you and your advisers. We have been providing rounded advice since our inception.


We are able to offer you unbiased recommendations from a world of investment opportunities. When we do, you can be sure that we’ve interrogated each investment, testing its performance, measuring its potential and challenging our own preconceptions to help preserve and grow your wealth. Our in-house research team provides market intelligence and macro-economic analysis to support our investment managers, and by looking beyond just equities we bring diversity and flexibility to what we offer.

Our advisers will always be available to help you with decisions on investing in International shares, IPOs, corporate actions and other asset classes. Your investments are monitored and reviewed regularly and we proactively recommend adjustments if and when necessary.


Understanding what you want to achieve, the timescale you have set yourself for achieving it, and your personal attitudes to risk are all vital inputs into planning your finances. But they are not easy things to identify. They are some of life’s most important and challenging conversations – conversations we have been helping our clients to have for over 200 years.


Once we’ve helped you to set your income and capital goals, we will look at all the opportunities available to reach them. We will also analyse what might go wrong, and have plans in place to adapt. We will use our long experience and deep expertise to help you maximise every opportunity and minimise any challenges to your future financial security.

Universal Asset Management provides a wide range of financial and investment services to retail and institutional clients. It is our policy to be the lead investor in any investment product offered by the company. Since our inception, we shined in managing money in non-traditional asset classes. Clients who prefer not to have their investments fully-managed will still be provided with the same brokerage services that we utilize for our managed investments.


Partnering with a private offshore broker dealer, you have the unique opportunity to create highly personalized plans whilst working closely with your representative in managing your investment portfolio and financial assets.

Our goal is to provide you with a personalized financial plan that successfully outlines the current and potential investments that will get you to your long-term goals.


We partner with a variety of service providers to bring you a comprehensive suite of investment alternatives to reach your goals. This includes financial planning, investment management, college education planning, retirement planning, asset protection, insurance planning, cash management, and income planning as necessary for you.

As an independent Broker Dealer and Investment Advisor – with no proprietary products – we have the ability to choose from a broad range of financial products and services that will best fit your personal needs. Products include the following.


ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

Separately Managed Accounts

With access to securities markets in over 30 countries, we seek to also integrate foreign stocks and bonds into your portfolio, but only when it is to your advantage.

An Unconventional View of Global Economics

Additionally, to help us in detecting new, long-term trends that result in trading and investment opportunities, we adhere to a body of economic theory that holds – that policy changes which allow markets to operate freely – will result in economic growth and wealth creation. Interventionist policies, on the other hand, are not market friendly and result in economic stagnation and the decline of wealth. Profit opportunities exist when these changes are anticipated and interpreted properly. We have been able to identify opportunities before most market participants and, as a result, generate substantial profits for our clients.

For more information about wealth management at Universal Asset Management, please contact us

Market & Stock alerts

Universal Asset Management generates a range of alerts and notifies you when they’re triggered.

  • Price alerts

    Can be generated when the last price traded for a specified security is ‘greater than or equal to’ or ‘less than or equal to’ the alert criteria; or when the cumulative volume traded for a given security for the current day is equal to or greater than a specified value.

  • News alerts

    Can be generated when an announcement is released for a selected security; or a news headline is disseminated containing one or more specific keywords.

  • Contingent order alerts

    State One offers a number of types of contingent orders. Alerts can be generated when a contingent order is triggered or when the order is partially or fully traded, or when it is not traded within a specified period.
    There is no charge for State One email alerts.

Equities Research

Universal Asset Management has a team of analysts which completes regular detailed stock research on many listed companies. We also subscribe to externally produced research, which proffers general advice on stocks, is available to regular clients.

IPOs & Capital Raisings

Universal Asset Management is occasionally involved in the raising of monies, especially on behalf of small and mid-sized companies. These raising can, on occasion, deliver substantial profits to investors, and are typically totally free of commission. Resources companies feature prominently in our list of corporate clients.

We have recommended a number of IPOs which achieved success, some of the more prominent recent ones being yay and zzz. We also participated in seed capital raisings ahead of IPOs, as well as placements in already listed securities. Often these are done at significant discounts to prevailing market prices.

These raisings can range from as little as several hundred dollars, to thousands of dollars to tens of thousands from sophisticated professional and international institutional investors.

In order to give our clients greater exposure to investment opportunities, in addition to the IPOs and Capital Raisings that we manage and/or offer, our unique IPO bidding platform allows our clients to bid for shares in offers that they wouldn’t otherwise get access to – with the added simplicity of having any shares they purchase registered under the Universal Asset Management umbrella OR to their Universal Asset Management holdings automatically.

Contingent/Stop Loss Orders

Whether you are a trader or a long term investor, you can benefit from the use of contingent orders. The faster the market is moving, the greater is the potential benefit from using these techniques.

These orders can be placed on the phone through one of our advisors. Whilst this is designed to trigger the order once certain preconditions are met, you should be aware of and note that there can be no absolute guarantee that the orders sought will in fact be triggered or that they will necessarily result in completed trades.

Contingent Order Types

  • Individual Buy / Sell Order

    The conventional type of contingent order, is where an order is automatically generated, once a specified condition is met.
    For example: a contingent order can be created to generate a BHP buy order at $50.00 for 500 shares if/when BHP trades at $49.99. Alternatively, the contingent order could be created to sell at $50.00 if the last traded price for BHP is $50.01.
    If required, you can generate an alert message for each contingent order which has been triggered.

  • Individual Buy / Sell Order

    The trailing contingent order seeks to minimise loss and maximise gain. Unlike a regular contingent order, the trigger price of a trailing contingent order changes as the stock price changes. The trailing contingent order is based upon a maximum percentage deviation from a recent high or low price. For trailing buy contingent orders, the contingent order’s trigger price is set at an amount X % above the lowest recent market price, then recalculated downwards as the market price decreases. When the security price rises towards the latest calculated trigger price, the trigger price does not change. The contingent order triggers when the market price reaches or rises above the calculated trigger price.
    For trailing sell contingent orders, the contingent order’s trigger price is set at an amount X % below the highest recent market price, then recalculated upwards as the market price increases. When the security price falls towards the latest calculated trigger price, the trigger price does not change. The contingent order triggers when the market price reaches or falls below the calculated trigger price.

  • One Cancels Other

    A “One Cancels Other” (OCO) order is a combination, comprising two contingent orders with different trigger conditions. When one contingent order triggers, the other contingent order is automatically deleted. An example of such a pair could be two purchase orders in different banks, each with a specified purchase price. When one of the orders is triggered, the client has made his required investment, and the other pending order is immediately withdrawn from the system.

  • If Done

    An “If Done” contingent order is typically piggy-backed on a market order, being triggered only once the market order trades. Typically, the second order is used to cover the position taken with the original order. When used with an OCO order, two orders can be placed: a profit taking order and a stop-loss order. Whichever one triggers first then cancels the other order.

What are the potential advantages of Managed Fund products over other shares?


Managed fund products allow you to access a diversified portfolio made up of different asset classes and industry sectors. This can reduce your level of investment risk by minimising the impact of poor performance by a particular industry or industry sector.

Potential wealth generation

A well-chosen managed fund, used individually or in conjunction with other investments, can create a portfolio to assist your efforts to generate wealth.

Cost-effective investment

Investing in a managed fund is as affordable as investing in shares. You can start investing with a relatively small amount, adding to it cost effectively over time.

Access to a range of assets

Managed fund products can provide access to assets that can assist with portfolio diversification but which you may not otherwise be able to invest in due to factors such as:

  • financial limitations (e.g. shopping centres)
  • market access (e.g. international shares) or
  • where it is difficult for individual investors to gain research, information or insight to performance (e.g. small or micro-cap stock or those within emerging markets).

What are the advantages of the Managed Fund Settlement Service for investors?

  • Access to a broad range of managed funds from a central point
  • Potential to enhance returns through exposure to a wider range of asset classes and by accessing the services of professional fund managers
  • Easier transaction and administration of managed fund investments, including the ability to use their existing stockbroking account to access managed funds
  • More-timely access to a wider range of information about managed funds, including unit prices and related announcements
  • Same high level of settlement certainty investors enjoy with shares
  • A holistic view of investments held through ASX under a single CHESS HIN
  • Easier to change between unlisted managed fund investments
  • Potential to manage entire share portfolio from a single interface

Short Selling

State One offers short selling through Leveraged Equities.
Leveraged Equities’ Short Share facility offers short selling over approximately 110 securities, with Lending Ratios of between 15% and 50% being offered.
Short Sales are only offered in parcels of not less than $50,000 per stock.
To view the terms of Leveraged Equities shorting facility click here.


State One offers trading in all types of listed warrants. It is our view that clients should understand that the quoted prices of warrants, dictated largely by the market maker, do not always relate directly to the prices of the underlying security. Also, it should be understood that the volumes of warrants offered for trading may be variable. A final point is that, as warrants are simply a form of option, it is possible that they can expire with no value whatsoever.

For these reasons we strongly recommend that clients ensure that they fully understand the potential risks associated with each of the numerous types of warrants, and that they show extreme caution when considering trades in warrants.The State One brokerage terms are the same competitive brokerage terms as offered for equities.

Before trading in warrants, each State One client would be required to read the “Understanding Warrants Booklet” and the “Investing in Warrants Booklet”, then sign the Warrant Agreement Form , to confirm that they have done so, and submit it to Stockbroking Dept.


We are very pleased to be one the few offshore brokerages offering the facility of buying and selling unlisted managed funds units … directly from your trading account.

This Service aims to connect brokers and investors with fund issuers via a common framework. The end result is an easier way for investors to access unlisted managed funds for their portfolio and track them side by side with their existing registered holdings.

Sophisticated Investors

Under the Corporation Act 2001, when an issue of securities is offered to the public, it requires a regulated disclosure document such as a prospectus or product disclosure statement. However, the Act has some exemptions from these requirements.

One of these exemptions is when an offering of financial products is made to a person who is the holder of a current certificate from a qualified accountant certifying they have a prescribed level of net assets or gross income.

A person holding such a certificate is a:

  • Professional Investor
  • Sophisticated Investor

A Professional Investor is a person who controls or manages at least $10 million of investment funds, or has an Financial Services Licence.

As a Sophisticated Investor you may have access to opportunities not generally available to the public. It is assumed that you’re that investor who is deemed to have sufficient investing experience and knowledge to weigh the risks and merits of an investment opportunity. This distinction makes an investor eligible to buy into certain investment opportunities such as pre-IPO securities that are considered non disclosure or non prospectus issues.

To be classified as a Sophisticated Investor, one must meet the following characteristics:

  • Net assets of at least $2.5 million, or
  • Gross Income of $250,000 or more per annum in each of the previous two years.

If you believe you have the required investment expertise and may benefit from participating in potential offers under any of the criteria described above, please ensure you advise your broker accordingly

IPO's and Capital Raisings

As a Universal Asset Management client, you may have the opportunity to access Initial Public Offerings and, depending on your level of experience, other equity capital raisings.

An Initial Public Offering (IPO), is the first sale of stock by a company to the public. A company can raise money by issuing either debt or equity in the form of shares. If the company has never issued equity to the public, its known as an IPO. There are many reasons why a company may decide to go public but one of the main opportunities is the access to additional capital for use in the business.

Other Capital Raisings may involve the issue and sale of securities to a small number of investors instead of the general public. Unlike with a public offering, a formal prospectus does not have be provided for a private placement and thus it is often restricted to experienced or sophisticated investors that have a strong understanding of the process and risks involved.

Options & Warrants

Universal Asset Management provides a derivatives service for our clients, allowing you the opportunity to take advantage of more sophisticated market products.

Our accredited and experienced advisers have access to a range of Exchange Traded Option and Warrant products. Due to the potentially high risk nature of derivatives, it is important that any potential investor speaks with their adviser prior to trading derivatives.

Reasons for considering derivatives

  • Increase income on a portfolio through selling premiums
  • Protect a portfolio (hedging) to reduce risk from a highly volatile period in the market
  • Gain a leveraged position into a top listed company Trade movements on an index
  • Lock in a purchase or sale price now and decide later for a fraction of the cost.

Wholesale Services

If you would like to globally diversify your exposures beyond the Americas, Europe and Asia – all from one offshore broker, contact one of our friendly, experienced and fully accredited advisers.

Institutional Trading

Our institutional sales desk consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience across regional markets and multi-asset classes and proven track records in servicing mutual funds, hedge funds and institutional clients.

With a strong local presence and knowledge, our sales team is well known for their local corporate relationships, on the ground deal-flow and access to primary deals. We provide up to the minute market updates, market intelligence and management of trade execution to help our clients make the most informed investment decisions. In addition, we offer various sophisticated and powerful trading platforms that provide institutional investors with a comprehensive range of trading and management solutions.

Advice to Financial Planners

Our dedicated team of senior advisers work in partnership with financial planners to ensure their clients’ investments are actively managed and administered. In our efforts to better service both Universal Asset Management clients and the clients of the financial planner, we have developed a service to facilitate investing in a range of Universal Asset Management sourced products and services.

International Investment

Our dedicated team of senior advisers work in partnership with financial planners to ensure their clients’ investments are actively managed and administered. In our efforts to better service both Universal Asset Management clients and the clients of the financial planner, we have developed a service to facilitate investing in a range of Universal Asset Management sourced products and services.

If you would like to globally diversify your exposures beyond the Americas,
Europe and Asia – all from one offshore broker, contact one of our friendly, experienced
and fully accredited advisers.

Our experienced advisers can help you expand your investment universe outside of your home country by providing offshore research and analysis of stocks, sectors and commodities. Our strong connection to Asia means that you have access to the world’s fastest growing economies and research that few other brokers can provide.

Not only do our clients have access to two dozen exchanges across the world, we are one of very few offshore brokers to provide access to China A-Shares, so if you want direct access to one of the world’s fastest growing economies, look no further than Universal Asset Management.

Short Term Investments

Investments that attempt to take advantage of volatility – using leveraged short term trades in CFDs, Options and Forex.

If you are aiming to generate additional income outside of your core investment holdings by making short term leveraged directional trades, our highly experienced advisers can help with general advice through market analysis and research or assist you with an on-line platform to facilitate your trading.

If you have an eye on a particular market, Universal Asset Management can help you get exposure as well as general advice on technical analysis and research.

Our global reach means we can help you access:

  • Single stock or leveraged CFDs across the Americas and Asia
  • Index exposure for most major indices
  • Commodity and index CFDs such as oil, gold, silver and most of the other major and minor commodities
  • All of the Major, Minor and Exotic foreign exchange currency pairs
If you are looking for trade ideas, our advisers are able to help you with short term general advice strategies that might fit your investment timeframe.