To achieve our goals, we consistently focus on client service, integrity, excellence,
teamwork and profitability.


Our vision and ambition when we started was to be the dominant broker/dealer of quality product wherever traded in the world. Additionally, whilst working with exceptional clients and people, we wanted to build a company in which we would all be proud to represent.

We knew we had to deliver what the markets demanded:
Managed Portfolios
Managed Portfolios
Managed Portfolios
Managed Portfolios


Universal Asset Management is a private company which considers people to be our most valuable asset. It is our culture and structure that allows us to attract, retain and motivate highly talented professionals. The culture is centered on the recognition of individual merit and a competitive compensation system that rewards teamwork, an entrepreneurial spirit and initiative. Our most valuable professionals are, effectively, our partners.

We believe this fosters a culture of teamwork, talent development, entrepreneurship, meritocracy and long-term commitment ; strongly enhances the integration of our business units and maximizes cross-selling of our products ; increases our ability to attract the best available talent, and facilitates a lean and cost efficient organizational structure.

With the exception of some non-executive members in the Board of Directors, all the other Directors and main executives of Universal Asset Management are collaborators with a full-time commitment to the company.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity and maintain an exceptional professional reputation,
both corporate and personal

We serve our clients first and foremost

We strive for excellence in all aspects of our relationships and operations

We work intensively as a team

We strive for consistent profitability

We uphold the highest standards of integrity and maintain an exceptional professional reputation,
both corporate and personal


From the very start of our existence, we have continuously improved corporate governance processes with the objective of establishing and maintaining the highest standard of ethical and professional behavior to be observed by all our Staff ( members of the Board of Directors to trainees, consultants and contractors). Our Chief Compliance Officer, oversees both our Legal and Compliance departments as well as monitoring Money Laundering, Corruption and Terrorism Financing (AML).

We encourage our employees, as well as any third parties, to report any behavior or suspicion of criminal and/or fraudulent action of which they become aware via a direct, secure, confidential and independent channel.

Our commitment to continuous improvement of corporate governance processes brings us the certainty that we will continue to achieve our business objectives while preserving and enhancing the image and reputation of Universal Asset Management. By applying the principles of our Integrity Program to our daily actions, we guarantee the success and sustainability of one of the fastest growing offshore brokerages in the East.

Money laundering is a criminal offense best explained as the result of making revenues derived from criminal activities appear as if they came from legitimate business activities. Facilitating money laundering activities and/or negligence/deliberate failure to detect/report suspicious activities to competent authorities are treated as a criminal offense in most jurisdictions.

Staff must not knowingly initiate or be party to any money laundering scheme. They are prohibited to offer/give/receive any bribe ; explicit inducements ; preferential treatment or other similar consideration to public or private agents/entities in exchange for performing, or promising to perform, unlawful or improper acts for attracting business or for any other reason.


We look to grow and create value for our clients, supporting their
portfolio development whilst growing our international operations.


Selectively expand our portfolio of credit products and derivatives

Continue to explore investment opportunities in private equity, infrastructure, the real estate sector and natural resources.


The United States of America, European and some Asian trading is critical to our strategy. However, in order to better service our clients we’ve been looking deeper into international transactions and investments.

During a volatile time for Latin American equities – Brazil, Mexico and Argentina (the three biggest markets in Latin America) have faced wild swings amid political and economic uncertainty. In fact, the broader Latin American stock market has been scarily turbulent in 2019.

Despite all this, our dry run in Latin America’s volatile markets has rewarded our trial investments. We didn’t try to cover everything in Latin America, instead, we aimed for a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio focusing on The Southern Cone (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay). Chile has the richest economy in terms of GDP per capita.

African stock markets come in different flavors, and certainly require deep understanding to select the appropriate stock exchange. Investing through a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a better bet for small investors looking to taste a bit of Sub-Saharan Africa.

According to the World Economic Forum, “half of the world’s fastest-growing economies have been in Africa.” Ghana and Ethiopia showed real GDP growth of over 8% in 2018.

The African continent is incredibly rich in natural resources … natural gas and oil and home to vast gold, platinum, uranium, iron ore, copper and diamond reserves. As such, Africa has become a magnet for foreign direct investment (FDI).

There is increasing stability in terms of governance. The countries that witnessed terrible periods of unrest have emerged as success stories. There are better policies in place, trade has improved and so has the business environment.

We are currently focusing on Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa – whilst keeping a weather eye on Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia


All Universal Asset Management employees are required to agree to the Universal Asset Management Code of Ethics, which provides a comprehensive framework demanding ethical behaviour from every employee, regardless of their status within the organization.